How to Build an App for Free?

Gone are the days where you needed some training and coding knowledge for you to create an app. You only need a willingness to learn. Some mobile building platforms offer this service for free. Mobile apps are critical, and businesses are shifting online. Marketing is now the norm in apps, and a mobile app can significantly increase the sales of your business. More people can have mobile phones, and this makes the app development business more lucrative.

To build an app, you need the app building software. There are several software providers on the internet. Some charge you a small fee for your app development while others are entirely free. This is where we will focus on today. You can perform it yourself at home or in the office. This video tutorial will give you more information on how best to come up with an app using the available app creation tools. They give you an opportunity to develop an app for free then charge you later after the app becomes profitable. Here are some of the free platforms to consider.

1. Appy Pie

If you don’t have any knowledge of app development, then this is the platform to be. Appy pie allows its users to use the creation tool on their site when coming up with mobile apps. You don’t need any previous skills programming neither do you have to install or download anything on this platform. You need to follow the instructions provided. After completion, you will receive a hybrid app that is compatible with all platforms such as IOS, windows and mobile.

There are useful tools like the appointment scheduler which gives your contact address to your client. You will be able to access a diversity of themes to customize your app. the benefits of using this platform to build your app include; you can monetize your app by displaying ads, sending push notifications and tracking the location via GPS. If you accept the ads in your app, you will have your app for free.

2. App Makr

No coding or programming knowledge required. You can use this app creation tool to come up with apps that are supported by windows and android devices. There are some qualities you can take advantage of like; push notifications, Google maps integration, in-app purchases, video streaming, and chat updates. You can also highly customize your app according to your preference.

One unique feature in this app builder is that it displays no ads in your app. Other mobile app building platforms let you build for free, but in turn, you accept them to monetize their ads. You can publish the app to start monetizing your business on the online platform. This is the easiest way to create an app and is the most used app creation tool on the internet.

Summary These two platforms enable users to use their app creation tools to come up with apps. With no experience in coding, you can come up with an app in less than an hour. Most mobile apps are for business purposes. You can monetize your app by agreeing to market ads for various companies. This way you can generate revenue with your mobile application.

How to Build an App for Free?