Perfect Ways to Dress a Window

Windows that are not properly dressed look bare and all it takes to treat them is adding a valance, blinds, or curtains. Therefore, if your current window treatments do not look appealing, you can try these windows trends. It is also recommended that you check the window treatments Charlotte NC professionals offer.

Solar Shades

Solar shades are a modern window treatment option that enables one to lower the shade without losing the view. The window coverings enable glare reduction, prevents fading and protects you from UV light. Solar shades come with meticulous designer details, several material transparencies, and over a hundred exclusive materials.

Luxe Fabrics

The luxe fabrics are important and elegant when it comes to window dressing. They are suede, leather, fur, damasks, velvets, and silks. This design trend is all about simplicity, it will remain popular, especially for people who desire luxury and embellishment. This trend may include lavish embellishments, beaded tassels, and sparkling crystal on every window element, including fabric, trimmings, and hardware.

Café Curtain

A half curtain or a café curtain is the best suited for kitchen windows. It is made of a voile fabric in a beautiful print to match with the kitchen color scheme. This window dressing method still allows plenty of light as well as providing some privacy if your house is in front of a pavement where people pass by. Café blinds are affordable and are readily available. Besides, you can manually make café blind by cutting a strip of voile fabric that matches the size of your kitchen window, and hem the bottom edge. Finally, make a channel at the top of your curtain.

Multi-Hued Curtains

Multi-hued curtains make your house look stylish with a perfect blend of cool and cozy. The loose, colorful curtains feel both laidback and modern. And adding a decorative swing chair can make your home look even more awesome.


Soft textiles are running the styles and the market. Interior and fashion trends are developing hand in hand, and this has led to an increase of dressmaker details and couture fabrications such as lace, beading, cording, and ruffles.

Grosgrain is a strong woven fabric made of rayon or silk. It functions as a ribbon on drapes and blinds. Moreover, velvet banding can be used to cover the holes for strings in the blinds, or as a decorative element.

Faux Stain Glass

Faux stain glass reveals a pop of color to your house and filters UV light in a unique and lovely way when used for window dressing. Creating your own faux stained glass needs just glass paint, lead adhesive strips, and some pieces of glass.

Perfect Ways to Dress a Window