Should I Wear Socks with Sneakers?

Sneakers were once considered sportswear but today, they can be worn for almost every event. The only thing you have to do is choose the right ones for the event. And if you think you don’t know which ones suit what event, try the Puma exclusive sneakers that can be worn with everything. But that’s not our problem; the main concern is how to put on the sneaker. Should you wear socks or it’s just good to move on freely?

Well, there is an abnormally good satisfaction that comes with not wearing socks with sneakers but the thing is, sneakers and socks are a match made in heaven. It could be okay not to wear socks if you are just going for an evening out, dinner, or any activity that requires little walking. But if you are leading an active lifestyle, shoving your feet into sneakers without socks can be a big mess. Find out why.

What happens when you put on sneakers without socks?

Damage to feet

Your feet may get hurt

Many sneakers are not designed to be worn in direct contact with your feet. Sure enough, you don’t want to get a blister on your foot. The pain that comes with blisters is unbearable at times. You even lack the comfort to wear other shoes. Imagine yourself at a prestigious event with flip flops because you got a blister that couldn’t let you wear your favorite shoes for the occasion. Ha. It’s the last thing you’d want to happen to you so put on those socks and evade such circumstances.

Your feet stink

Needless to say, your body sweats as a way of cooling itself. Your feet are part of your body and so expect the same from them. You are going to have stinky feet if this happens. Remember that sweat is not a sterile liquid and even if it was, it would still not be good in your sneakers. Sweat contains bacteria that reproduces very fast in dump and dark environments- inside the sneaker- and that’s why your feet would stink if you don’t wear socks.

Damage to your sneakers

Your sneakers will stink

It should be obvious that if your feet will stink, then your sneakers will also stink. If going to visit a friend and you have to take off your shoes, the air will be hard for you, and probably harder for those around you. Regardless of how much spray you put on them, they must stink if worn without socks.

They might change color

Changing color for a piece of cloth or shoe is normal, but the rate at which the color changes highly depends on you. Sockless sneakers, the sweat on your feet will create a moist environment and once it combines with the dirt on your feet, your sneaker will change their color. The resulting color will not be as cute.

They become home to unwanted mold

Wearing sneakers with no socks will create a suitable environment for the growth of mold. The moisture from the sweat and the lack of ventilation is all that molds need to thrive.


When both your feet and sneakers get damaged, you’ll not feel the desire to wear your sneakers anymore. Besides, any damage to the sneakers will shorten their life. Drop the misconception that socks look awkward with sneakers and style your feet up. Get socks that suit your style, be it long, short, or the invisible ones. You’ll find that you’ll be more comfortable with socks than when without.

Should I Wear Socks with Sneakers?