Is Christchurch Airport Open 24 Hours?

Christchurch is a major city in New Zealand. It is the third most populous city in New Zealand with a population of more than 360,000 residents. The town has ample businesses as well as tourism destinations. Hence, people from all over the world come to visit Christchurch each year. The main airport that serves Christchurch is the Christchurch International Airport. It is at a distance of nearly 12.5 kilometers from the center of the city towards the North-West. The operations of Christchurch Airport began on 18th May 1940. It makes Christchurch International Airport one of the oldest running airports in New Zealand. In terms of the volume of flights and passengers, it is the second biggest airport in New Zealand after Auckland Airport. It is also one of the two airports in New Zealand that is capable of handling flights of Airbus A38 and Boeing 747 aircraft. If you are looking to travel to Christchurch Airport by car, you need to check the Christchurch airport parking cost, so read on to learn more.


The operations of the Christchurch Airport go on 24/7/52. The most popular destination from Christchurch Airport is Sydney. The air carriers that operate from here include Emirates, Jetstar, Virgin Australia, Air New Zealand, and Qantas. Christchurch Airport has direct flights to 18 local and 11 international destinations. On average, more than 1,000 domestic and international flights take-off from the Christchurch Airport.


There is a wide range of services that Christchurch airport offers. For example, there is spacious parking of different kinds to maximize the utility of the visitors. If you are planning to visit Christchurch airport, you must be aware of the nature of various services like parking it offers. The parking (also known as Express Park) is free for the first 15 minutes. However, if you park your car here for more than 15 minutes, you will pay $8 per hour. If your parking is long-term, you will pay $25 per 24 hours. Also, the weekly rate of parking is $175. The parking is usually overflowing. It is best if you book your parking spot before you go there. You can book your parking place online by clicking here. The parking has adequate safety measures like security cameras and guards at gates. Hence, you do not need to worry about instances like theft.

The Christchurch Airport also offers trolley cart services to the passengers. There is a particular trolley pick-up area near the bus stop. The airport also provides 24/7 free Wi-Fi. You can also charge your mobile phones at the multiple charging points present in the lounge. There are various food options as well.


There is no such thing as too much preparation. You must follow Murphy’s Law that states that “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong” to avoid any last-minute snafu. Especially when it comes to parking, you must make prior bookings so that there are no issues at the last minute. 

Is Christchurch Airport Open 24 Hours?